Math in Everyday Life

Architecture, Business, Art, Cooking – these are just some of the many ways Math shows up in everyday life. At every grade level, mathematical concepts build and integrate, giving students the opportunity to apply their learnings to real life experiences.

Geometry Teacher Mr. Rankin uses Google Classroom with his students.

Algebra 1

Parabolas in Architecture. Using quadratic functions, students learn how these U-shaped curves are used in structures like arches and bridges.

Algebra 2

Cereal Box Design. As the owners of a box manufacturing company, students constructed cereal boxes using Polynomial Functions to determine the maximum amount that each box would hold.


Building Bridges. To understand transversal/parallel relationships, students used popsicle sticks to design and build a new bridge over the Anacostia River


Buying a Car. Students relied on Exponential Functions to calculate monthly car note payments according to the loan amount, the interest rate, and the number of years payments are made.


Investing. When a luxury hotel’s stock rises 2% annually, Students used Statistical Data to predict stock behavior to determine if purchasing shares in the hotel now would be financially lucrative long-term.


Rock Climbing. At an indoor facility, students measured their rate of climbing. They worked together to find the average and instantaneous velocities using the derivative of the position function.